Microsoft Windows 2000 Core Requirements Training Kit: Exams 70-210, 70-215, 70-216, 70-217

Microsoft Windows 2000 Core Requirements Training Kit: Exams 70-210, 70-215, 70-216, 70-217


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Product Description

Get in-depth training and practice for the four exams every Windows® 2000 MCSE candidate must pass. Covering Exams 70-210, 70-215, 70-216, and 70-217, these official Microsoft® study guides pack the core knowledge you need to successfully set up and manage the Windows 2000 operating system. Work at your own pace through the lessons and hands-on exercises. And use the exam-prep questions and testing tool to measure your progress and sharpen your test-taking skills. As you gain practical experience supporting the Windows 2000-based desktop and server environment, you’re also preparing for MCSE certification.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

CORE EXAM 70-210 Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

  • Install or upgrade to Windows 2000 Professional
  • Administer access to shared files, folders, and printers
  • Configure and manage hardware devices and drivers
  • Optimize system memory, disk, and application performance
  • Troubleshoot the desktop environment
  • Implement network protocols and services
  • Help ensure data and system security

CORE EXAM 70-215 Microsoft Windows 2000 Server

  • Install or upgrade to Windows 2000 Server
  • Configure network services for interoperability
  • Manage access to shared system and Web-based resources
  • Administer Windows 2000 disks and data storage
  • Set up and troubleshoot hardware devices and drivers
  • Optimize system performance, reliability, and availability
  • Implement network protocols and services
  • Help ensure system security

CORE EXAM 70-216 Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure Administration

  • Plan the infrastructure for your network
  • Install and configure TCP/IP
  • Resolve host names with WINS and DNS
  • Automate and centrally manage address configuration
  • Implement and manage remote access
  • Share a single Internet connection with Network Address Translation
  • Help secure network communications

CORE EXAM 70-217 Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory® Services

  • Plan, configure, and administer your Active Directory infrastructure
  • Manage and troubleshoot DNS name resolution
  • Administer software and the user environment with Group Policy
  • Deploy Windows 2000 using Remote Installation Services (RIS)
  • Use Active Directory technology to centrally manage user and group accounts, shared folders, and network resources
  • Implement and troubleshoot security in a directory services infrastructure
  • Monitor and optimize Active Directory performance

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Comprehensive self-paced training that maps to MCP exam goals and objectives
  • Skill-building exercises on CD
  • NEW—Test-readiness tool that generates timed, 50-question practice exams with automated scoring

  • NEW—More than 200 pages of exam prep and objective-by-objective review inside each book
  • NEW—Microsoft Encyclopedia of Networking, Second Edition, eBook
  • 120-day evaluation version of Windows 2000 Server
  • Searchable eBooks for all four study guides

Minimum System Requirements: 133-MHz or higher Pentium-compatible processor Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Millennium Edition (Me), 2000 Professional, XP, or Microsoft Windows NT® 4 with SP3 or later operating system Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1 or later browser software 128-MB RAM minimum; 256 MB recommended 2-GB hard disk with a minimum of 1 GB of free space SuperVGA monitor; 256-color display card recommended 8X CD-ROM drive or DVD-ROM drive Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

NOTE: To complete the exercises for Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure Administration, you need two computers, each equipped with a network card and the minimum configuration above. Exercises for Windows 2000 Server also require internal modems on each computer. Running the evaluation copy of Windows 2000 Server requires 256 MB RAM.


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