How to Do Everything: Ubuntu

How to Do Everything: Ubuntu


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Your hands-on guide to Ubuntu

Now it's easier than ever to get the most out of this wildly popular version of Linux. How to Do Everything: Ubuntu leads you through the interface, the built-in applications, and the process of installing software and peripherals. You'll get details on the full-featured productivity suite, as well as the fun side of Ubuntu, including graphics, photos, music, videos, and games. Maximize the power of Ubuntu-on PCs or Macs-with help from this practical guide.

  • Install Ubuntu and navigate the GNOME desktop
  • Add hardware, software, and peripheral devices
  • Secure your computer with Firestarter, anti-virus programs, and backup/restore software
  • Use the suite components-Writer, Calc, Base, Impress, Math, and Draw
  • Set up a network and connect to the Internet via Firefox
  • Create and publish your own website
  • Use Windows applications in Ubuntu
  • Play games and enjoy multimedia applications
  • Work with Linux shell commands
  • Learn to use the vi and Emacs text editors

  • How to Do Everything Ubuntu


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