Difficult PMP Exam Questions: Extra Practice on the Hard Questions
Difficult PMP Exam Questions: Extra Practice on the Hard Questions

Difficult PMP Exam Questions: Extra Practice on the Hard Questions

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This book provides only high-quality, likely-to-occur, precisely written and thoroughly explained Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification exam questions. The questions are all moderately difficult to very challenging and are carefully and precisely crafted. This book does not rely on the common technique of using ambiguous wording to increase the difficulty of the questions. Nor does it rely on using many multiple choice options that are almost the same. Further, there are no easy or filler questions that are typically seen in many other study guides. The questions in this book are similar to what is actually seen on the exam. This book assumes the reader has already completed one of the many popular study guides but is looking for high-quality, advanced, likely-to-occur questions to ensure a first-attempt passing exam score. The entire spectrum of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Fourth Edition is covered and the book provides a full statistical breakdown of what questions fall into which PMP knowledge areas and process groups. There are 40% situational questions - questions that put the reader in a hypothetical business situation. Each answer in the book is explained thoroughly but quickly. The incorrect choices are explained as well as the correct answers, which is a practice that is omitted from nearly every study guide. However, there are no explanations that insult the reader's intelligence (such as ''a communications plan is used to plan communications''). The book is designed to allow the reader to immediately learn from their answer - that is, the solution follows each question without delay and without introducing additional questions. This allows for much faster learning since readers do not have to continually re-familiarize themselves with the original question when reading through answers. If you have ever questioned the accuracy of an answer to a practice question in a PMP study guide or on-line resource, there is a very good chance you were right to do so. While researching this book, the author reviewed thousands of PMP practice questions from numerous sources and was continually astounded at the number of answers that could not be referenced back to an authoritative source, were subjective, that varied depending on assumptions of wording in the question, that tested knowledge of material very unlikely to appear on the exam, or that were just plain wrong. This is why the questions in this book provide direct references to the PMBOK or to another authoritative PMI source. The book provides an additional section of 10 extra questions (for an overall total of 210 questions) that covers topics that have widely-accepted but unverifiable answers.


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